Collective Worship at Barton St Peter’s

” We come together in the name of God the father, son and holy spirit to worship together and think about our values.”

Collective Worship takes place daily  and is a very special time of day as it is central to the life of our school and it’s Christian character. As a Church School, our Collective Worship is of a Christian nature, has God as the focus and gives opportunities for spiritual and religious development. Our worship is inclusive – offering opportunities for children of both a Christian and non-Christian background to take part in ways that are appropriate for them.

Christian values are used as the basis of our half termly worship themes. We explore what this value looks like ‘in action’ and the Bible references relating to this value.

Our worship time always includes time for prayer and/or reflection and a range of interactive activities to explore the key messages. Our worship table is a focus point which includes a cross, bible, three candles as well as a coloured cloth to represent the time of the liturgical year.

The whole school comes together for Collective Worship five days of the week. Parents, carers and families are invited to join us at any time for worship but especially on the last Friday of each half term for our ‘Celebration Assembly’ at 9:15am  where we hear about children’s achievements.  Throughout the year each class delivers a worship; these focus on particular times of the liturgical year and also celebrations of other major faiths.

Collective Worship is led by different staff from within school as well as special visitors from St.Mary’s, The Trinity Methodist Chapel, The Salvation Army, Barton Evangelical church and ministers from other towns and villages.  We also make half termly visits to the church and the chapel.

Please follow the link to our collective worship policy

Collective Worship Policy