Mission Statement

 As a Church of England School with Christian values we create opportunities for the spiritual, emotional, educational and physical development of all our children

We forge good relationships within our school family, the Church and the local community based on trust, friendship, compassion and forgiveness.

We provide a safe, secure, stimulating and creative learning environment in which our children will be encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards lifelong learning, independence and a sense of personal worth, whilst nurturing a sense of responsibility for our Church school family

We are open and welcoming, and provide the best possible circumstances for education.  We aspire to give children social and cultural experiences that will remain with them forever.

We create opportunities for all our children, giving them the confidence to achieve their full potential.

We foster an atmosphere where there is trust, support, co-operation, flexibility and participation of all those involved in the child’s life

We work as a whole school family to develop the potential of each individual.