Our Values



We put our trust in God to show us how to live our lives the way he would  want… ” Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD have never forsaken those who seek you” Psalm 9:10

How do we show trust in our school?

- We trust our teachers to help us, guide us and support us

- Our parents trust our teachers to take care of us every day

-Our teachers trust us and let us take responsibility for important jobs around the school

-We own up if we have made a mistake

-We tell the truth even when we know there may be serious consequences


We know what it means to be a good friend and we extend the hand of friendship around our community… ” A friend loves at all times” Proverbs 17:17

How do we show friendship in our school?

- We have playground Buddies who help us play together

- We are part of a collaborative with other schools; we work together to make our schools successful

-We are part of the church communities; our friends from many churches visit us often and us them

-We share our toys/books/ideas in lessons and on the playground

-We think about how other people are feeling and try to be supportive-


Our school community is one big family, we learn together, play together and support each other always… ” How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity” Psalm 133:1

How do we show family in our school?

-Our families are made to feel welcome in the school at all times

-We have breakfast events/ fairs where our families can all attend together

-We have family story time where our families come in to help us with our reading

- We attend festivals to celebrate being a part of the church school family

-Our families are invited to collective worship-

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We know the importance of showing each other forgiveness. Sometimes things go wrong but God would want us to forgive one another… ” Forgive as the Lord forgave you” Collossians 3:13

How do we show forgiveness in our school?

-Our teachers forgive us if we have made a mistake and they help us to learn from our errors

-We try to be kind to others even if they have been unkind to us

-If we fall out with our friends we try to find a resolution peacefully


We know how lucky we are to have so much when some have so little. We make sure we show God how grateful we are for everything he provides…”Give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!” Psalm 105:1

How do we show thankfulness in our school?

-We say thank you to God for all of the things we have through our prayers and our hymns

-We say thank you to people when they do something kind for us

- Teachers show appreciation for our hard work by giving us certificates and stickers

-We support charities which hep people who are not as lucky as we are

-We give thanks to members of our community who help us by sending them letters



Like Jesus, we care for others and show that we are thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves… ” When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them and healed their sick” Matthew 14:14

How do we show compassion in our school?

- We raise money for Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Appeal, Macmillan Coffee Morning, Comic Relief,  Children in Need and many other charity appeals

-We support our friends when they are having difficulties

-We play with people who are on their own at playtime

-We listen to each other’s problems and make sure our friends know we are there for them

-Our teachers make allowances for our behaviour/work if we have something tricky going on at home

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