” Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others” Phillipians 2:4

Playground Buddies can be seen on our playgrounds at all breaktimes. Their bright yellow tabards mean that they are easy to spot. Children can also check our ‘Buddy Board’ to see who is on duty.

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At Barton St Peter’s we successfully run the buddy system, which involves around 20 year six pupils who are trained to help other children with problems in the playground.

All of the children in year five are trained to be buddies every year by Mrs Bell, who runs the Buddy System. Year five had a series of sessions in which they did role play, filled in booklets and discussed the feelings of people being bullied and the feelings of bullies. They learnt a number of skills to help people who are upset. Once their training is complete potential buddies submit a letter of application and there is a formal interview with Mrs Bell, Mrs Steward and current buddies to select the new buddies.

There is a room in school- The Buddy Room – during break time or lunch time buddies can take a child in there if they are upset and the buddy thinks the problem is too big to handle outside. Buddies work in pairs or groups of three, the buddies can choose who to work with as long as they are sensible. Also there is a buddy rota: each group has one duty per week, each day there will be two groups on duty, one on KS1 playground and one on KS2. Buddies on duty wear tabards so they can be recognised. The buddies have a meeting with Mrs Bell every Friday to discuss any problems that may have occurred in the week. Each buddy owns a buddy badge, which they must remember to wear every day.